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Extracellular Matrix Hydrogel and Matrix Bound Nanovesicles (MBV)

Extracellular Matrix

Biologic scaffolds composed of extracellular matrix (ECM) have been developed as surgical mesh materials for hernia repair, breast reconstruction and for healing topical wounds in powder form; all of which have been FDA approved for a large number of clinical applications.

A history of clinical outcomes and a significant body of work have shown that ECM bioscaffolds, or more accurately the degradation of ECM bioscaffolds, direct tissue repair via an anti-inflammatory M2-like macrophage and T-helper Type 2 (Th2) cell response. This is associated with reduced local inflammation while preserving the ability of the host to mount a robust immune response to a variety of antigenic stimuli.

ECM Therapeutics has developed the next-generation ECM hydrogel product that allows for the delivery of tissue regenerating properties to hard-to-reach places. Potential applications include void filling, topical and oral solutions, and as a drug carrier.

Matrix Bound Nanovesicles (MBV)

It has been shown that the degradation of the ECM scaffold material and subsequent release of Matrix Bound Nanovesicles (MBV), a component of the ECM, are critical for the activation of reparative and anti-inflammatory myeloid cell phenotype.

MBV are a distinct class of extracellular vesicles enriched in pro-resolving lipids, and anti-inflammatory protein and miRNA cargo that differs significantly from that of fluid-phase exosomes. MBV are robust in small doses providing for the next generation of nano-sized ECM-based therapeutics that allows for expanded clinical applications. MBV can be administered intravenously, topically, through soft tissue injection, or intra-nasally.

Matrix Bound Nanovesicles (MBV) is a First-in-Class
Biotherapeutic and Immunomodulating Platform Therapy

Matrix Bound Nanovesicles

MBV are a key biologic component of ECM bioscaffolds that recapitulate many of the phenotypic and functional effects of the parent ECM.

Matrix Bound Nanovesicle

Compared to other extracellular vesicles, like exosomes, analyses showed that MBV carry unique lipid, protein, and nucleic acid cargo.

Whereas exosomes have been described exclusively in body fluids, MBV are localized to the collagen fibrils within the extracellular space: that is, the ECM. MBV are bioactive and can positively modulate the phenotype of diverse cell types, including stem cells and immune cells.

Derived from healthy, pro-regenerative tissues, MBV have a biologic potential that exceeds that of extracellular vesicles derived from cultured cell lines and provides opportunities for the new therapeutic approaches that are otherwise untenable.

ECM Therapeutics has developed effective methods to isolate MBV from the ECM of different source tissues. MBV are plentiful, highly stable, and are easily incorporated into injury-specific treatment platforms such as dressings, injections, or gels and customized to therapeutic platforms appropriate for the type and severity of the injury.

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